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ABSCONDER Demo 2011.

By Mike Abominator

The rumble comes. It starts right away and is violent. It shakes the foundations of whatever building you are in. It crushes the ear drums of you and anyone else within a few miles of you. Next thing you know, everything in sight is totally destroyed. Only shreds remain of flesh and everything else that once stood. This is what happens once you put this demo on. ABSCONDER is a band from the Champaign, Illinois area, formed in 2009. Brad Buldak put this beast together. He was the singer/bass player in the great old school death metal band MORGUE, and he does the same here. Absconder have the feel of both Swedish and Finnish old school death metal. But they also have an old American vibe thrown in. So you can hear traces of NIHILIST, GRAVE, CONVULSE, ABHORRANCE, MASTER and MASSACRE in the death noise. It is so heavy and low end at times, there is a little bit of ROTTREVORE thrown into the death metal stew on here. There is a lot of CELTIC FROST in the music as well. In the end, it is all crushing and totally awesome!

Opener “The Boats” comes crashing down on the heads of the weak like bombs over London in ’42. The menacing one/two beats lead the way with the heavy as fuck riffage, and the insane vocals of Brad. This shit is dark and comes from the sewer. It is mostly mid paced banging that destroys, with some killer slower passages that also rule. “Blood Diner” is next up. The sound of the demo changes a bit, it sounds like a different session. But it doesn’t matter because this might be my favorite song on the demo! It has a total HELLHAMMER skank beat opening with some DIVINE EVE type riffs. The break brings some pounding double bass madness. Then it’s back to the skank beat attack. AMAZING! “Opportunistic Infection” has more of the same killer skank beats and crushing riffs. The double bass plods along during the chorus part. And the slow/doomy part that leads to more double bass is killer. It goes back and forth a bit to really beat the corpse to death! “Catacombs” is next and has the one/two beats back again to murder. Another thing about these guys is that they are catchy as fuck. And this song might be the catchiest on this demo. It is totally heavy, but the riffs will stay in your head. My head almost fell off as I head banged along with this one. “Ignorant Depletion” closes this demo out. The drum roll punches give way to some killer skank beat mayhem with just drums and guitar. Once everyone comes in, it is all over! More riffs from hell and maniacal death metal with this one. Deadly and vicious, it’s a perfect song to close out this fucker.

This is one of the best demos out right now. I expect big things from these guys once they get an album out there. So far, the great cassette specialty label Head Split Records will be working with Absconder. It might even be for a full length. Once I get more information, I will pass it along to you maniacs. Absconder is another band to add to the killer list of death metal done the right way. Quite an impressive debut demo. But shouldn’t be surprising with Brad/Morgue on board! I will be keeping an eye on this band for sure and will keep everyone posted. I had heard about Absconder as they played the book release party in Chicago for John Metalion/Slayer Mag. I had heard that they blew everyone away with their crushing death metal attack. I then ran into Brad at Central Illinois metal fest this year as Tom/CARDIAC ARREST introduced us. Brad gave me this demo that you are now reading about. This is cool as this was one of the ways to spread word about bands that still exists today and hopefully always will. Get in contact with Absconder for further info about shows and merchandise.




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