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By: Mike Abominator

GRAVESPAWN, who along with RITUAL COMBAT have managed to set themselves apart from the black metal pack and rise to the top of the black metal legions here in Los Angeles. Gravespawn have the sound down, and it is a deadly one. The thing that sets them apart is THE SONGS. Like the greats before them, The GS fiends manage to come up with memorable riffs and arrangements within their murderous attack. Tonight they take the stage at The Blvd, after a hiatus of new song writing and internal hate ready to spew forth. This will be a killer show with Nelcrium marking their CD release and also featuring Valefar, Satani Infernalis, Deminuere and Matar. “A black metal scene in Los Angeles?” you might ask? Well there are plenty of mountains, and even depressing topics to write about that would make the Europeans cringe in their tight pants. OK, so it’s NOT so cold. That doesn’t mean we are all happy. Anyways, music is from the heart, and Gravespawn also has THAT going them that sets them apart. Locals, come see them DESTROY tonight!

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The shitty fact of the matter here in Southern California is, that we are SPOILED at times. Sometimes, there are TOO MANY shows to pick from. There is even a killer ARMORED SAINT/HIRAX show in Hollywood. And my boys in WITCHAVEN are also playing down south towards San Diego in the city of Temecula. But The Key Club sucks, Temecula is far with no money(even far WITH money! haha) and my 1982 Buick will not make the trek to East L.A. to catch the Gravespawn show. So I head next door to Fullerton to see the mighty BLOODY PHOENIX. These mad grinders feature my boy Jerry Flores. Who you might remember from EXCRUCIATING TERROR. As well as a whirling dervish/total maniac of a grin drummer Mike Karubin. THIS is fucking grind core at it’s finest. You all might remember that Bloody Phoenix released my ALBUM OF THE YEAR last year. They are GOOD! REALLY GOOD!! I mean CLASSIC! If you like the old Earache Records grinding madness, the classic era of that label, you will LOVE Bloody Phoenix. This show is more on the power violence/grind/crust punk end of things, but there is enough metal, and HEAVINESS to appeal to ANY fan of extreme music. ACxDC, What Shame, Bruce Campbell and Tension round out the line up. Come d0wn and see one of my favorite bands tonight in Fullerton.

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