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Interview with DODSFERD

by Janet Willis (Defecation of the Divine)

This artist really needs no introduction, he’s been a misanthropic beast from the beginning and continues to feel his creativity swell and bloom from the frustrations of dealings with mankind, so don’t expect him to vanish into oblivion anytime soon. Wrath is definitely one embodiment of genuine wrath and he deserves admiration and achieves it from those who simply feel it and understand it beneath the over emphasized superficial layers of it being nihilistic black metal/grim/cult…etc. So here’s a brief conversation with Wrath about this decade+ ongoing aural war against mankind, he’s not a man of many words, but doesn’t need to be either so please listen to the sounds and experience it as it really is and browse through this for some general background on what many already know from previous inties and reviews.

MM: In a time when there’s a chronic case of one-man black metal project diarrhea, artists like yourself still float above the others. I first heard you with “Fucking Your Creation”, which I bought years ago on a random record hunt because I liked the title and trusted the Moribund label, and when I put it on it really caught my attention and held it for months. The atmosphere you created really brought out the misanthropy, frustrations, and general loathing of mankind that you want it to, it felt real as opposed to yet another uninspired “Fuck You”.

Since then I’ve kept up over the years and was really stoked to hear your latest creation “Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance of Life”, it fits with your raw sound and natural desperation and hostility. So aside from going into the usual questions about the project that have been asked a million times I’d like to ask a few different ones as well.


Obviously you’re a solo project and hail from Greece, but how did Dodsferd get started and how long in actuality has the project been active?

Wrath: Dodsferd started as an idea by me, in the end of 2001! Back then I was recording several tapes with two guitars only and me screaming lyrics of hate I had written, in order to ease the pain in my head! After a couple of years, in the end of 2003, I recorded my first official demo, “Kruzifixxion of human disgust” that was released in 300 copies in cd-r format and in 150 copies in tape format! Both formats were sold out in a couple of months! Since then I have released another one demo (limited in 33 copies, cd-r format), 6 full length albums, 2 split cds, one compilation cd and a 7”ep. Dodsferd exists approximately for 10 years so far! 10 years of hate!

MM: What keeps the motivation for Dodsferd to continue and thrive, do you see the project continuing?

Wrath: My everlasting hate towards every living being! Stupidity never stops! So I will continue fucking his creation with all the strength I have!

MM: Many solo projects have their reasons for being solo, some just are and some actually need to be to fully express what the creator desires, is that what Dodferd is to you? A natural release and expression of yourself, with no intent on being accepted, it just happens when someone understands what you do, or they just cling to the superficial liking of the overall sound and image?

Wrath: You have fully understood it! A natural release and expression of my self, with no intent on being accepted, it just happens when someone understands what I do!

MM: What drew me to your sound, as said already, and to some of the more grim and desperate acts is the genuine feeling of drowning in the bullshit and games that life imposes, it’s sadly been exploited by many self proclaimed nihilists who are just bitter and no better off than those they criticize, but some still stand out and have the impact. Your lyrical content and ideals are crystal clear so I won’t get into asking about them, if someone needs clarification then they have their head up their ass!!!! I’m not much of a PR/interview person so I like to keep these things brief and moderately useful to the artist, so if there’s anything you’d like to say in closing that’d be great!!!!

Wrath: Thanks for your great interview! You have my support!

With Respect
Wrath from Dodsferd!

MM: Thanks for your time and respects!!!!!! Keep the Wrath flowing, we need to keep things honest and straightforward!!!!!

For those new to Dodsferd, check him out at the following:


  1. Christian Slaughter
    Posted November 6, 2013 at 8:30 am | #

    Hail Dodsferd! Hate is an all consuming fire that engulfs this world of shit.

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    Posted September 18, 2012 at 5:02 pm | #

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  2. [...] Dodsferd; in fact, it’s all but certain that he actively hates you and me this very second. Asked by one interviewer what motivates him to keep pushing his devilish, crusty strain of black metal, [...]

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