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By: Mike Abominator

I’m not going to try and hammer down the exact dates and years here. But I want to say that this all took place between the years 1984-1992. Trying to go back into my memory and remember the first time I met Richard C. is all a blur. He started at a local swap meet actually, in the early 80s. This was even before he had the Wild Rags store in Montebello. I was told about this guy who had all the cool metal records and shirts that were hard to find, that had a booth set up at a local swap meet. My older brother, who was my gateway to metal, took me down to see Richard. We jumped in my brother’s old Plymouth Duster and went down to the swap meet. He would take me a couple of more times, and once my friends and I found out about him, we would trek down there as much as we could to get the cool Ozzy shirts, Iron Maiden picture discs, and the latest Venom collectable record. Richard had mentioned to us that he was close to getting his store set up. It would be a real record store in L.A. We didn’t believe him, we were cocky snot nosed kids after all. But one day we went to go see Richard at the swap and he was gone. Most of my friends at the time had gone over and became break dancers and got into horrible electric type music. HORRIBLE SHIT! But I remembered what Richard had said about his store, and my goal was to track him down someday. And remember kiddies, we didn’t have the internet and cell phones. Shit, personal computers were rare back then. So, my journey would be a hard one, but I was determined to find the store and keep my passion for killer music going! The only place we had to get music was a shitty store in the local shopping malls called Licorice Pizza. If you were into Depeche Mode and Thompson Twins, this was your place. But for a pissed off little metal kid, trying to find what that band Possessed sounded like, it was a lame place. And at the time, I hadn’t even heard about Tower Records. When I did, no one ever wanted to go into Hollywood. It was too much of a pain in the ass to get down there.

I also forget as to how I officially tracked the store down a couple of years later. Sorry, drugs and alcohol tend to do that to the ol’ memory! Hahahaha. I think one of my oldest friends Robert told me about a killer underground metal store over near East L.A. I was at first freaked out when I saw the front of the store. It had a bunch of glam clothing and spandex jump suits in the window. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK?” I know that a few of my metal heroes were into dressing like this, but I just didn’t think an underground record store would have a store front that looks like a Motley Crue video from the “Theater of Pain” days. But once I went inside, I smelled the vinyl. Anyone that is a record freak like me knows that scent. And it was a strong one in this store. It was like his swap meet booth, yet on steroids. Around this time, CDs were still a new thing. I don’t even remember if Richard even had CDs at this point, I doubt it. Or if he did, there were only a few. It was a sea of records; it seemed like as far as the eye can see. And a wall of shirts bigger than the Great Wall of China! There were stacks of demo tapes on the counter and also fanzines in boxes on the floor near the start of the record racks. All of the glam/leather clothing goods were off to the right. This section was run by his wife at the time, Valarie. In all my years of going there, I don’t think I ever went over to that section. OK maybe once in a while to scope out a hot glam metal chick that was trying on stuff! Hahaha.

It became a Rite of Passage to bring friends to the store, both old and new ones that liked heavy metal, and watch the look on their face when they walked through the door. Once you walked in, Richard would be at his standard spot, at the front counter, by the phone and cash register. If he didn’t know you, he gave you that look. That look of “what the fuck do YOU want?!” I became pretty cool with Richard after a few trips to the swap and then his store. Once he remembered me, he would always bust my balls “Ohhhhhhh Mikey Fuckin Nelson is back.” It became a tradition to pack a bunch of kids into one of the parent’s cars, and make a trek down to Wild Rags. Even when I moved further away to from Los Angeles to Orange County, I had to continue the tradition. It was like a secret society. If you found out someone who knew of Wild Rags, you became instant friends. Even if you didn’t like them, or they weren’t very cool, at least it was another ride! Hahahaha. Back then, it was RARE that kids had cars. Sometimes, we would even ride the bus. But that took forever, and holding records and a bag full of shirts on a bus for a few hours SUCKED! But we made due. This was the place that I found out about Possessed, Bathory, Hirax, Sepultura, Hallows Eve, Carnivore, Razor, Onslaught and so many hundreds of others. There were also so many crazy collectables of tour programs, rare shirts, posters, 7 inches and other killer stuff by the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, Venom, AC/DC, Slayer, Metallica and others. Getting demo tapes by Master, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Genocide, Napalm Death, Fear Of God, Death, Cryptic Slaughter, Mefisto, Merciless, Mayhem, Sadus, Messiah, Sarcofago, Obscurity, Wehrmacht, Slaughter Lord, Morbid Saint and bands like that was a regular occurrence. You could find something and ask Richard to put it on, IF he liked you that is! Hahahaha. Don’t even get me started on the shirts! A MASSIVE selection of shirts was always on display. Official tour concert shirts, total bootlegs and obscure demo band shirts! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So over the next few years, I must have gone to Wild Rags almost a hundred times. It seemed like me and my buddies went, or at least tried to go down there, every weekend. I managed to score a job through an underage work program through my school. It was actually a really cool job at a local county park right across the street from my house. I was a junior park ranger and I made pretty good money for a high school kid. Once I started getting even deeper in the metal underground, most of my money I made went to demos, records and shirts not only at Wild Rags, but also through the mail to bands from all over the world. I would still write to all kinds of bands, labels, zines, distros etc… But when I didn’t want to wait for the old fashioned snail mail, I would go down to Wild Rags and just get it there. It also became a contest between me and a couple of my buddies to see who could get the hardest to find records, who would find the new demo band first, who got the better shirt, hahahaha, REDICULOUS right? Well we were dumb kids. I know Richard was happy when we came in, I know he loved our money! Hahaha. But we developed a friendship with him as well and would be in there for hours bullshitting and talking metal with him. I had a school project about people who ran small businesses. I talked with my Mom and she agreed that Richard would make a good choice for my project. So one Saturday I went down there and asked Richard if he would be interested in being interviewed by me for my project. He was totally cool about it and we spent a few minutes talking about how he started and how it was to run a small business. It was after this talk that Richard asked me if I wanted a job working for him at Wild Rags Records. I accepted. The next 6 months would become a WILD time to say the least!

Once I accepted the job, I then had to figure out how to get to the store. You see, at the time, I lived up in Brea, a small city in north Orange County. Wild Rags was in Montebello, just outside of East L.A. So it would be quite a journey to get there on my own. For a bit, I rode the bus. I had to catch a bus that would cross into different counties, which was not far from my house at the local mall. The ride would take 3 hours. So I would have to get up super early and get to Montebello by the 11am open time. I would work until 7pm. I would then usually get home a little after 10pm. It was a long day but I really didn’t care, it was a killer job. Right around the same time, I got the opportunity to join the grindcore band Phobia. They needed a bass player for a couple of local shows, as well as a show up north in San Jose and also some jamming for the “Return to Desolation” EP. There would also be a local show after that with Assuck, who were doing a full U.S. Tour. I got REALLY lucky at this time and had enough money to start looking at getting myself a car. I had saved quite a bit of money from my park job program (which had ended once I graduated high school) and I was also a small time pot dealer. My brother also offered to help me out if I needed a little extra cash to get the vehicle that I wanted. My Mom had a connection at a local dealership, so I was all set at this point. I grabbed a ford truck that looked cool and I was on my way. Being young and stupid, this ended up being a big mistake. But you live and learn.

The main problem that was this truck was a gas guzzler. And since my job was in Montebello and Phobia jammed in Santa Ana, I did quite a bit of driving. At times I would have to pick up a couple of guys in the band, and of course it was trips to Mission Viejo and Huntington Beach for me. But I didn’t care! I loved it and just went on my way. I would later realize that all of my money was going to gas and Wild Rags! Hahahaha. Shit I think Richard payed me in records one time, at my request! He would laugh and ask me “are you sure?” Let’s get back to the job at hand folks. My first day there, Richard showed me around the store. Of course I already knew the layout, since I had been going there so many times already. I said hello to his ex wife Valarie in the glam/slut section. She was always nice and cordial to me. My main job at first was to organize all of the bins. Make sure the shirts were properly folded. The zines were stacked nicely, ready to read. He then started showing me how to take the inventory from the back, up to the front, to make sure the CDs and records were all in place. Once I got the hang of all that, I would answer the phone and help out the customers with what they needed. Obviously it was pretty easy after the first day.

It was a small store and it was pretty dead at times during the early afternoons. But there were always some real characters that would come in. And it was always funny watching Richard fuck with them. I must have a million stories about this place and time, but I will keep it to a few. One time this guy came in, he was a TOTAL douche. He looked like a Mexican Jeff Spicolli from Fast Times….. Anyways, he came in and asked “hey bros, do you have any denim Guns & Roses jackets?” And Richard straight up told him “you know what, why don’t you turn around, walk out the door, go down the street, and go to Miller’s Outpost you fucking asshole because I don’t carry that shit here!” BAHAHAHAHAHA. Some people would just walk through the door and Richard would just start saying “OHHHHH FUCK! NOT YOU AGAIN!” and start busting their balls. He would say “hey Mikey, we have another idiot that has come in to suck up my air conditioning and not buy anything!” Good stuff! If he knew the person wasn’t going to buy anything, or he felt that, he would ignore them. Or if he knew they weren’t going to buy anything, and he didn’t like them for some reason, he would just tell them to “get the fuck out!” It was funny as shit to me. Of course he had his loyal customers that would come in and drop their pay checks on stuff. Assholes like me! Hahaha. Fellow underground music freaks. These people would become my friends as we shared that bond of the underground. And my friends at the time would always come in to harass me and Richard. It was one big ball busting session. But it was cool because we would put on killer music and get serious and talk about bands and shit.

In the end, Richard was a music freak, a big fan like us. He had that same passion that we did. Richard had some stories himself. And he loved metal, but also liked all kinds of different stuff music wise as well. Now there were always talks and rumors of Richard being a rip off and a dishonest person. Let me state on the record that the man NEVER ripped me off, or did me wrong. It was tough at times because I was there when the issues between him and Sadistic Intent started. It got so ugly. I was friends with Sadistic AND Richard, so I just tried to stay out of it. To this day, I don’t even know the whole story. It was just both sides, out of anger and frustration. Shit gets crazy and emotional at times with bands, ESPECIALLY with money involved. But there were pissed off people here and there that would pop up. Every once and a long while, a customer would complain that they didn’t get their package. That would be usually the post office’s fault though, I mean I helped to package the orders myself, I would remember sending the order to that customer. His mail order business was HUGE! That is where he made his money and was able to keep going and keep the store open. The list of people was impressive that got a monthly newsletter. Not only was it huge, but it was almost a “who’s who” of the metal underground. I’m not going to lie, I got some addresses from this list and started writing bands myself. Shit, he even felt bad for me at times since my truck was such a gas guzzler, he would buy me lunch here and there when I was broke. He even stopped letting me get paid in records and told me that I needed gas money to get to work! Hahaha. He also lent me money when I needed it and would just take it out of my paycheck. The “rip off” tag was confusing to me. Now I do know some credible people and even friends that say they were ripped off by Richard. But I wasn’t there when the original deal was made, or the contract signed. I don’t know the whole story. So I stay out of all that. All I know is what I myself experienced.

Another funny thing happened one time. The store itself got busy and Richard wanted to hire someone to help with the basic stuff like getting shirts for customers and helping out over in the ladies section. He hired this local girl. She was about as smart as a brick. And slow as a Thergothon song. In reality, she just got in our way. She also had the personality of a refrigerator. It was frustrating dealing with her to say the least. Richard had enough at one point and she really fucked something up. So he just straight up told her “get the fuck out of my store, you are fired!” She started crying and ran off saying something about her paycheck. I think she was owed just for that day, who knows, but Richard told her “you are lucky that I even ever payed you! You are an idiot and you deserve nothing!” hahahaha, awww fuck. It was fucked up, yet funny as fuck. Come on, I was an asshole kid with an attitude (not much has changed! Hehehe) Well, about an hour or 2 later, she came back with her boyfriend and the guy was pissed off. He started cussing Richard out. Yelling about her paycheck and how Richard was an asshole. Richard stood his ground and cussed back and yelled back. Valarie and I were just watching this unfold. And it was hilarious. Richard then told the dude, “why don’t you go outside to the alley in back and I’ll be out here to kick your ass!” The guy said OK and left the store. Richard grabbed his bat, told me to stay there and watch the store. He then went out back to fight the guy. Valarie came over and told me “well just stay here Mike, Richard will be back.” I think I said “FUCK THAT I WANT TO WATCH!”  Oh and a funny thing that Richard told the guy on the way out to the alley was he told him “hey asshole, try not to suck any dicks on your way out there OK!” BAHAHAHAHAHA! That is a genius insult that I use on my buddies to this day! Hahaha. Anyways, I get to the back alley and I see Richard chasing this idiot with a bat and the girl and yelling. They both got scared off. I think Richard might have hit the guy once or twice. But I was laughing my ass off watching this. Richard turned around and saw me. He then yelled at me “hey asshole, what are you doing out here?!?! I told you to watch the store!” So I ran back in and I was laughing so hard that he started laughing, and so did Valarie. We all had quite a laughing fit for a while on that one. One of the funniest things I ever saw!

There were normal days at the shop. I got a kick out of answering the phone and it would be Black Winds of Blasphemy, or assorted members of Impetigo, Nuclear Death, Order From Chaos and even others that weren’t on the label but were just fans who ordered stuff like Euronymous from Mayhem. I had actually became pen pals with Euronymous back in the late 80s. But I finally talked with him on the phone when I was in Phobia. We were up in the San Jose area staying with our friend Freeway (Immortal Fate, Autopsy, Abscess) and it got a little packed at his house. We ended up staying over at another guy’s house named Justin for one night. Justin is the one that got me into Impaled Nazarene and Immortal when they had demos out. He played us the “Tol Compt…” advance that Mikka the singer had sent him, months before the album came out. Justin also helped start Necropolis Records and was friends with a lot of the 2nd wave black metal people of that time. Euronymous was one of them. So Justin called him and then handed the phone over to me. We chatted for a while and kept in touch through letters and the occasional phone call. So when he would call Richard up, who he was also friends with, and chat with him about mainly older stuff still in stock. Before things started getting weird over in Norway with all the church burnings and killings, Euronymous was just a normal, down to earth metal head. He did stat to cut everyone off and take a lot of that black metal stuff very seriously. His attitude towards everything trickled down to the others that looked up to him and you know all the shit that happened next. But it was always cool talking to these people, who I obviously looked up to and admired. I think in the end, all of the “famous” people who would call the store were just normal “down to earth” metal heads.

At one point the Foundations Forum would come to town. It was like an industry party for record labels and their staff and bands. All of the major metal labels would be there. Richard would show up and have a booth set up and do promo for the label. Well the day he went was the one day of the week that Wild Rags was closed. He called me up and told me to come down and hang out at the store. So I met him at the store and he was in the back office with the back door open with a full, huge cooler of beer. So we just blasted music and talked shit and drank beer for a while. A few closer friends would always stop by the back office on those days off and come hang out. And on this day, there were quite a few that came by. It almost became a party. When the store was closed, we would usually set up inventory or go to the storage facility up in Monterey Park to get stuff to stock the store. I also became infamous for being the “zine reviewer”. I would go take a dump and bring a fanzine or 2 (or 4) with me while I handled my business, hahahahaha. Richard got pretty pissed off at me for that.

Since I was in Phobia at the time, the guys in Relapse considered me “part of their family”, since Phobia was signed to Relapse back then. Now Richard and the Relapse guys DID NOT get along AT ALL. The Relapse guys would send faxes over that said “Dear Richard Head”. And Richard would get all riled up and threaten to kick their asses. At one point Richard was going to let me go because he was tired of them throwing me in the middle of their arguing. It was all dumb business stuff that I wanted NO part of. Plus I didn’t play on any of the Relapse stuff that Phobia did. Freeway and I were supposed to be on “Return To Desolation” but I quit and Freeway started jamming with Autopsy. I never had any personal issues with Relapse, but I told Richard and Valarie that I work for Wild Rags, not Relapse, and I just wanted to stay out of it.

Richard had been around the music scene for YEARS. He had told me about seeing The Rolling Stones when he was a kid, and hanging out with Jim Morrison. Another person that I remember calling the store was the legendary rock and roll character Kim Fowley. He was known for managing The Runaways and also working with Blue Cheer and Kiss. He was a very nice guy, very strange in the normal sense, but very cool. Pretty much anyone who was in a band or had a fanzine, label or distro back in the day was in some sort of contact with Richard. One of the funniest things I also saw was when that Foundations Forum was in full session, the store would get A LOT of visitors from the metal scene. Paul Speckman of Master was there telling all kinds of kids to buy the Master debut album! Bahahaha. He was like “HERE! BUY THIS, KID! IT’S AWESOME!” One kid even said “wait a minute, you have that band logo tattooed on your hand!” as he was pointing at Paul’s Master tattoo across the top of his hand! Bahahahaha. CLASSIC! I could go on and on. There are those who have nothing but bad things to say about Richard and Wild Rags. Like I said, I’m even friends with some of them. I cringe and try to change the subject when this comes up as I consider Richard a friend, or always did back then. I haven’t seen him since the mid 90s. But he was always cool to me and never ripped me off.

He helped get the name out there and establish bands such as Behemoth, Dying Fetus, Sigh, Morgion, Emperor, Necrophobic, Thergothon, Gorgoroth, Vital Remains and Internal Bleeding. He put out some ESSENTIAL releases by legendary bands such as Impetigo, Nuclear Death, Blood, Order From Chaos and Blasphemy. And some of his classic and forgotten releases by bands like Goddefied, Hexx, Necrophagia, Bloodcum, Hellwitch, Unholy, Centinex, Recipients Of Death, Funeral, Inverted, Mangled and others are well sought after for big money on ebay and other sites. In reality, ANYTHING with the Wild Rags logo on it is considered a collectable and is worth quite a bit. Say what you want about him, many have. And I’m not picking sides here, leave my name out of it. But this guy and this label did some pretty amazing things and the goods that he had for sale got me through most of my childhood and into my adulthood. And I will say this with 100% conviction: THIS WAS THE BEST JOB THAT I EVER HAD! BAR NONE! I got to hang out all day and talk shop with an old school dude, listen to shit like the Nihilist demos, read and get info from all kinds of killer fanzines (while on the pot of course!), flirt with the cute girls that would come in from Garfield High School, grab a killer pastrami sandwich from across the street, talk on the phone to my heroes. Not a bad time at all for a teenage kid! Hahahaha. Mainly this is just a true story. My view of how it was back then. If you went to the store, especially in the “hey day” when I worked there, it was a pretty special place. WILD RAGS CULT ETERNAL!!!!!!


One of those ads that we all got back in the day. Looking back at it, just LOOK at some of those albums!


  1. Brian
    Posted July 4, 2016 at 11:47 am | #

    Anyone know the whereabouts on Richard or where I can purchase merchandise that came from the wild rags recorders store?

  2. Posted August 15, 2015 at 9:21 pm | #

    Wild Rags has been “THE” fucking BEST metal shop ever!!!!!!! Richard c. had all of the real EXTREEME shit you could not finf in fuckin Tower records, Music Plus or the fucking Warehouse, he also had the cool thick plastic record collector bags for the real record collectors, which made the vinyls last so much longer and in great shape, it was the ONLY one who sold the SARCOFAGO I.N.R.I. record, which for many years was the KING of fucking brutal black/death metal. I first went there in christmas 1987 and it is true, the whole store smelled like classic VINYL!!!!! what a smell, just like a drug addict would feel in paradise!!!! I believe there was another record store called “the record vault” in or near San Francisco which was almost just as great, and another one in NY, but none of them like WILD RAGS. – I just don’t know what ever happened with the guy or why did he close, I really wish I could talk to him just to thank him and greet him, I’m sure he remembers me since I used to bother him SOOO much on the fucking phone trying to find out if there was already a band who beat SARCOFAGO’s album INRI, as far as speed, satanism and brutality was concerned… there NEVER was…….. Until Finally in 1992 Mistifyer WICCA came out, and this was was more extreme as far as the vocals is concerned and the brutality is just almost if not more extreme. Of course this was before today’s bands like 88, sturm Kommand, chemin de haine, (The first only… Baltak CD. the rest stinks…), Magog, legion, Mysteries, the FIRST Spear Of Longinus demo, Malicious Secrets, Puritas Virginum, Sombre Chemin, Satanicum tenebrae, Belketre, Matan Boukous, the first (only the first, and the second Brenendes jerusalem….) capricornus demo,(the rest kind of stinks…, I can’t believe how this “Maciej” fuckin KID chickened out, he should had NEVER slowed down, fuckin IDIOT!!!!!! WIMP, INCOMPETENT FOOL, INEPT, WIMP!!!!!) the first (ONLY the first) Zyklon B MCD etc.. which are of course now more brutal. Anyways Richard C. did a fucking great job when he had the store, he was one of my best contacts in the underground scene and he helped me to get many of the most extreme records ever and of course all of the Brazilian scene records that were not sold anywhere else in the U.S. and if someone did sell them, they came from Wild Rags, I don’t care what anyone says, they fucking came from Wild fuckin’ rags!!!!!! If he is still alive and is able to read this: FUCKIN HAIL MAN. YOU’RE THE FUCKIN SHIT MAN!!! Always immortally a CLASSIC of CLASSICS!!!!! After Wild Rags, there was also the DARK REALM store in L.A. which was even more extreme, with the guys from sadistic Intent, Bay, Vince & Rick, fuckin HAIL to you guys too man, your store was (or is…, I don’t know if you guys are still there, I fuckin do HOPE so!!!!) also the fucking sanctuary of fuckin EXTREME metal and you helped me out a lot!!!! never forget, forever in debt with you!!!! I hope that you still have all the records that I sold you when I was smoking crack!!!! Any ways, now I just collect electronic music since it is so much easier to handle and so easier to get, download and transport and no one wants to rip you off or kill you to steal your records…. Another hail to Jon Metallion who is another grandfather of the metal scene with his immortal SLAYER magazine, you fuckin’ rock too man….Anyways, Wild Rags has been the fuckin greatest of all stores in the metal history, and maybe Helvete in Norway too, but this one came later on….. Fuckin HAILS to Wild rags, Richard C, Dark Realm Records, bay, Rick & Vince!!!!!!! Never wimp out!

  3. Sherry Denise
    Posted June 10, 2015 at 7:02 pm | #

    I keep reading about this Richard character and he sounds almost mythical. Makes me wonder if the guy ever really existed. Does anyone know of his whereabouts?

    I’m thinking of doing an article on him and his influence on the music genre.


    Posted June 12, 2014 at 1:31 pm | #

    I worked at Wild Rags around 1990-1991. This is a killer article. I feel very nostalgic reading about all this. It describes it exactly as I remember it. A grumpy Richard C. that had no respect for the customers that walked in the store, but at the same time a funny, down to earth person who always helped me personally. I used to type the Wild Rags Magazine, help with the tons of mails orders and news letters, etc. I, like Mike, can say this was the best job I ever had. Thank you Mike for sharing!
    BTW – Has anyone heard about Richard lately? Last time I run into his daughter in a God Dethroned gig 8 years ago she said he was retired living the good life. Please advise if anybody out there know about him. (aidepauline@hotmail.com)

  5. Posted May 9, 2014 at 3:48 pm | #

    I have been working with the guy’s over at Decibel Magazine. They are running a full length story on Wild Rags in the July Issue. There will be tons of new details and images.

    Greg – Vocals
    Infamous Sinphony

  6. Duke of Death
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 4:22 pm | #

    I have been into the metal underground since the mid 90s, I guess toward the end of Richard C’s run. I was trying to put together a zine and he was really cool, called me on the phone, and sent me tons of Wild Rags CDs to review. To my experience and what I have understood, Richard C was great as long as you were giving him your money or promoting his shit (to increase his sales and make him $$). If you were a band he was probably manipulating you and screwing you over the best he could. He mad a lot of promises to bands including recording contracts that he did not follow through on. I think in some cases he had the bands pay for the recording sessions themselves, promising to reimburse them afterwards, which he never did but still released the CDs and made money without giving the bands much if anything in exchange. I know this happened throughout the underground, but it seems that Richard C made a living off of it. I can find no other reason as to explain why he just disappeared in 98 when he did, selling everything off to probably recoup legal fees. But this is a bit of speculation on my part and the fact is that he does hold a significant spot in the metal underground for releasing these killer CDs even if he did rip off the bands. He did get the music out there to fans all over the world, so he does hold a spot as a bit of an enigma within the scene. As we used to say back in the day, STAY SICK!!!

  7. elda
    Posted November 20, 2013 at 5:48 pm | #

    I met Richard when I was 13. Last saw him in 99 lots touch I’m .in Vegas now

  8. Greg
    Posted October 20, 2013 at 4:07 pm | #

    Infamous Sinphony was signed to Wild Rags. They have a new CD out. They are on FB and have a site. infamoussinphony.com

  9. Satan
    Posted May 3, 2013 at 1:16 pm | #

    Wild Rag has some very bad stuff. I once had a Metal zine and published some interview with a French band who mentioned they were ripped off by this guy Richard from WR, they said they paid him money for a record deal and he latter refused the contract and kept the cash.
    I published that interview and latter on I got a very rude letter from this Richard insulting me for printing what the band said, he actually threatened me very mafia way. In short I can tell this guy was Evil and ignorant like shit.

  10. babucsinta
    Posted March 4, 2013 at 3:17 pm | #

    Richard C -great guy! I remember swapping tons of stuff like Impetigo, Nuclear Death, Recipients of Death,etc. I think I still have some of the cassettes…I used to have a zine and he provided us with tons of stuff to share (I think it was 90 or 91…)U know at that time in Hungary it was difficult to get stuff like Blasphemy, etc. Thanks for his contribution to the metal scene!!! (Flayer zine back in 1988)

  11. Rafael Bracero
    Posted January 4, 2013 at 11:20 am | #

    A lot of memories come to mind when reading this. I also knew Richard from a while ago and even had the chance to meet in person when he came donw to Puerto Rico for an IMPETIGO/NUCLEAR DEATN gig we had. I used to buy tons of stuff from him until so it was very easy to get his help when I started my own fanzine (Enthroned) back in the 90′s. I even took a couple of pictures with him that I still have.Never had any problem with him and I recognize his huge contribution to the metal scene worldwide.

  12. PCRO
    Posted August 27, 2012 at 7:43 am | #





  13. Antonio Pardo
    Posted August 1, 2012 at 5:29 pm | #

    Hi, I’m Toni from Spain. I was in contact with Richard for almost 5 or 6 years back in the day. The fact is that I was really involved in the Spanish extreme scene and one day he asked me to do Spanish scene reports for the mag. Of course I agreed… You can check older issues and see those contributions. What I can say for sure is that Richard always treated me well, he sent me huge packages with 12″, flyers, stickers… Years after, I played drums for Spanish Death Metal band FERMENTO and he even released a cassette with our demo “Fervour of the Impure”. Right now I’m a bit confused because rumours said he had massive problems with justice and even that he died many years ago… Can someone confirm or deny this? I’d be more than interested on contacting someone related physycally with him or his past activities. My mail is foetalmush@hotmail.com

  14. Bones Martinez
    Posted June 22, 2012 at 1:43 pm | #

    I worked there the last years it was open, it wasnt clear why he closed in 1998 but i know there was a huge auction shortly after the close. I loved this place, i didnt get to work the last few months due to getting myself sent to jail, I remember coming home september of 99 and the store was gone the sign was brought down just last year 2010. There was a band we signed last named SERMON from russia, I loved that record, i wonder what became of them, the band is still around but they dont have the from death to death album. Thanx for sharing this Nastolgia enveloped me while i read.

  15. Cory Guntle
    Posted April 14, 2012 at 5:30 pm | #

    Thank you for writing about all these memorable moments. I am looking at the cover of the PREMIER ISSUE of the Wild RAG. Memories are stirring. I remember going up to the store one day(from San Diego) with my friend James Meloy (skully). This was probably 1990 or 91. We laid down some cash that day and walked away from the experience with a deep respect for the whole small label thing. I have been a metal head since I was eight and for some reason, 34 years later, I continue to be humbled by the “older” metal heads still bangin’ it out. Of course, moshing is NOW for the youngsters. Continue to hear the beauty in the brutality. KOR

  16. Posted March 24, 2012 at 2:50 pm | #

    I truly understand why blog post.Many thanks again. Awesome.

  17. Posted March 20, 2012 at 11:19 pm | #

    Im thankful for that post.Truly looking forward to find out more. Cool.

  18. Tina
    Posted January 2, 2012 at 12:03 pm | #

    Mike – You probably don’t remember me?? I was (am) Richard’s old ‘assistant’ girlfriend. I lived with him from ’88 to 91. Red hair, Welsh (no one could understand a word I said!). PLEASE get in touch with me!!! Love to swop emails with you! (delilahdevore@hotmail.co.uk)

  19. W
    Posted October 23, 2011 at 10:18 am | #

    Great article. I remember we used to crank call Richard C all the time from NJ..
    Sometimes he laughed, sometimes he was really pissed.

  20. juan manuel
    Posted October 16, 2011 at 7:01 pm | #

    i’m just reading this words and many memories comes
    to my mind. i did know of wild rags by mail and had the fortune to exchange a couople of words with richard ,i was fortunate for having been a part of that scene. thank you for bring me back that beautiful memory ….

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