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BLOOD MORTIZED – Bestial (Chaos Rec.)

by Mike Abominator

This is a re-release of these maniacs 3 song EP released by Nocturnal Blood Records earlier this year. But this time there is an extra song “Of Dust and Doom”. These fuckers come from Sweden and feature former members of Amon Amarth and members of Crypt of Kerberos and Malfeitor. Blood Mortized play some fierce and pummeling Swedish death metal madness. Yes, it has been done before and is nothing ground breaking, but when it is done this well, then who gives a fuck right? I don’t look towards death metal for a “breath of fresh air” or “new and innovative music!” FUCK THAT! DEATH METAL NEEDS TO BE UGLY AND HEAVY AS FUCK! BM aren’t re-inventing the wheel, they are taking it off the car, fucking it, then destroying it, as any good band in this style does! hehehe. The newer song and extra track “Of Dust and Doom” is a slow dirge kind of death noise. It prods and meanders along like a sloth. The drums of war and the weird vocals add a totally dark atmosphere that is pretty cool.

The other songs on here are the title track which is a total Swedish death metal banger in the true sense. Heavy riffs and skank beats all over the place. I’m almost reminded of LG Petrov fronting a Carnage tribute band! hahaha. But this is a good mid/fast paced banger. “Shadow of the Quarter Sun” is a fast banging ripper that beats you senseless. The main fast riff is incredible. And the way it goes into the double bass is also killer! “Rekviem” closes it out with some really slow banging going on, but heavy as fuck. Slow and doomy, fast and ripping, these guys are good at this stuff, so this is a good one for fans of Swedish death.

This was originally put out as both a limited edition tape and a 7 inch. I’m sure both are long sold out by now. But get this CD if you like my description above. It’s a great edition to your collection. VOLVO DOD METAL ETERNAL!!!!!!


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  1. C.D.
    Posted March 29, 2012 at 12:50 am | #

    I know you hate this question, but do you know if there is or is going to be a digital release?

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