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By: Mike Abominator

Formed in 2002 in the Vasteras region of Sweden, these maniacs boast having some olden death maniacs in their ranks. Jonas Stalhammar served time in God Macabre/Macabre End, Utumno, Abhoth, The Crown and others over the years. Now he fronts and plays the chainsaw in this kill team. Drummer Magnus Forsberg is also an old school sicko that was in the original Tribulation. I fucking love these guys and this 7 inch is amazing! This one puts them right towards the top of the death metal heap. I think most that know me, knows that I fucking loved their “Chambers of Abominations” album from a couple of years back. These fuckers have a rawness to them that you can’t just HAVE or TRY and make. It just comes naturally. They sound like they are bashing the living shit out of their instruments. There is an underlying crust punk influence to the sound that I love. But it is all death metal terror. After an intro, the title track on here rages. The way the band thrashes and kills, with total aggression reminds me of the violence of the old Mahyem sound. Or even how violent the Swedish Merciless sounded on their demos and first album. Not that they sound like either band, but just the violent way that the music is played. The band has the “Swedish Sound” of Nihilist, Dismember and Carnage, and also some Grave (like the intro notes on the record closer “Confessor”.) There is also a great Carnage cover on here. The infamous and crushing “The Day Man Lost” from one of the greatest demo tapes ever recorded! Bombs of Hades does it justice though! It’s almost perfect for this band! All in all, this RULES! It is essential for all death freaks that collect vinyl out there. Bombs of Hades has signed on with Pulverised Records to do the CD and Blood Harvest Records to do the vinyl of their next album, “The Serpent’s Redemption”. Keep an eye and ear out for that as well! This record went fast and is super hard to find, so contact the band about how to find it. Detest Records is all sold out of it.


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