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by Janet Willis

This one-man operation has been around for a few years now, how long exactly? I’m not sure about right off hand, but it’s about ten years or so. This small DIY label is hopefully familiar to some of you out there as they have released some of the best brutal death metal in the recent years including releasing from acts such as Bloodsoaked, Being Killed, Blasphemer, Cerebral Effusion, Sikfuk, and Pathology and that’s not even a quarter of the number of bands this label has released!!!!! But it does give some indication of the quality of the releases.

I thankfully came across a pile of their recent servings of blood and gore and couldn’t resist sharing this lucky little find with those out there that have a taste for the brutal. Please check the label out, they have a wicked distro as well and the prices are great, if you buy 3 you get one free!!! It’s these small labels that keep stuff brewing and remaining true to form so at least check out the sounds mentioned below and then check the site:
http://www.comatosemusic.com/site/ or check out and preview their catalog of releases at: http://www.klicktrack.com/metalhit/search?l=Comatose+Music

Bloodsoaked – The Death of Hope (CD)

To set the tone I’ll first start off with a description of one of the tracks on the album:

“Grinding your Guts”: Opening with a blistering technical solo for an introduction, this song plummets into death metal slow and growled vocals about corpse mutilation decorated with deliberate and well timed riff chord blast, then comes in the “Grinding your Guts” lyric and the speed picks up a bit and then erupts violently into a plume of artillery fire drumming and lightning speed strumming. There’s this innate and overtly clean and precise way that these guys keep it unapologetically brutal, but there’s still much song structure and clean precision of elements and where/how they are placed that it’s almost surgically technical in that sense. You don’t have to sound like shit to be brutal and old school and Bloodsoaked know that very well. I just cannot bring myself to turn this damn song off; it’s just THAT infectious. Now with all of that said, it’s time to emphasize that this “killing machine” of classic U.S. death metal is a one man operation, Peter Hasslebrack, and has been slaying since 2006.

The Death of Hope is the third release to date and definitely not the last. The main thing that is emphasized by Bloodsoaked is that adolescent aggression and pursuit of creating a brutal assault to the ears with neck snapping intensity but without straining to sound like anything else. Yes, this is not unfamiliar in sound, but it does/will actually stand out to the ears and minds of death metal veteran as being something “fresh” like the flickering jerks of raw nerves exposed as the corpse is skinned immediately post mortem. The vocals are solid and discernable without losing their aggression or intent, you can hear every utterance of diabolical, heinous mutilation of the human body as if being talked through the process of a killer in a confession. The riffs and some rhythms throttle like a diesel chainsaw ready to sever your torso, and have this great simplistic down tuned tone that physically wrenching your guts a bit…this stuff is pretty heavy, great bass rumble!!!!

If like myself, you enjoy that sound that bands like Obituary, early Death, Malevolent Creation, Cancer, etc. had then you’ll really enjoy Bloodsoaked. All three albums are essential!!!!!


Sexcrement – Sloppy Seconds (CD)

Sexcrement deliver 8 razor blade and barbed wire tainted sweet treats of classic death metal sound with porno themes to be fittingly titled “Death Porn”. Lovers of the sins of the flesh, drugs, sluts and strippers, lots of booze…here’s a great soundtrack to an exploitation flick powered by the form of extreme metal that embraced it and was spawned from it’s STD ridden sperm and eager eggs.

Heavily intoxicated and swinging an axe of crunchy riffs that crush and grind like a mortar and pestle meant solely to press humans into sludge and dust, injecting addicting anthems of coke laced late night Hell raising anthems that will make you spasm like your being electrocuted, experiences like this have sadly been thought to be extinct until now. One simply cannot listen to Sexcrement and not pay for the extra hour!!!!! It may be a cheap ride, the CD is only a measly $10, but for the distinct bass lines, including some slap action, it’s well worth the trip. Think of Sloppy Seconds as the death metal version of a quality coke buzz for the price of crack, with all of the frills of high-end barrel rolling bass bomb thunder, shredding chords that literally burn as they tear the flesh, some decent leads here and there, killer raspy classic vein death vocals, and a nice sense of humor. Fully loaded with gun in hand and chemical inspiration, anthems like “Heels Up”, “Heard it Through the Rape Vine”, “Chemical Handcuffs” and the essentially low-brow but well executed “Assisted Living Lapdance”, you’ll be banging more than just your head (i.e. not just the one on top of your shoulders guys).

Sexcrement are the “real-deal” as far as genuine rhythmic and filthy depraved death metal goes, there’s just a lot of groove and “booty” in this stuff that it’s impossible to not get caught up in the storm. These guys are not only original but also shred so PLEASE give them a looking into!!!!! Any legitimate death metal head MUST hear Sexcrement…It’s almost like Gore Gore Girls put to death metal!!!

Definitely check out the Comatose site for the audio links on this one and any link below:


Antropofagus – Architecture of Lust (CD)

In the grey area somewhere between utter bestiality and bloodlust and melodic technicality lies Antropofagus. After a nearly ten year hiatus this Italian act resurfaces from the basin of vomit and liquefied flesh to defend their claim to the throne of brutal death metal legends. There’s a definite nod to the sounds of acts like Immolation, Carcass, and Malignancy, especially in terms of achieving a balance between utter obliteration to ones senses and an instinctual ability to create ad push the boundaries of extreme metal song structure and skill to a new apex. The drum patterns and rhythmic timing are alarming because it’s just so fucking precise that the skill alone is almost in the prog realm, but without the noodling and tangential drifts.

To give you a sense of the skill level here, just watching Meatgrinder handle that axe will be sure to spill some blood, check out his work in this YouTube video from the live studio session for the guitars: http://youtu.be/Mv1-ka3evnI, and that’s only a third of this Italian hordes arsenal and, as said already, these S.O.B.s have a maniacal drummer that makes nuclear blasts out of each strike of stick with surgical precision and butchering intention!!!!!!

Fans of mid –era Death, Gorguts, Malignancy, Spawn of Possession, Immolation will be consumed by Antropofagus. These guys don’t fuck around when it comes to Death Metal, but they don’t make it out to be some sort of over produced and technical “Art” either, they just lay down the law, sever some heads, maybe a few major arteries…murderous and cunning.


Kraanium – Post Mortal Coital Fixation (CD)

Kraanium are classic death grind inbred with brutal death metal to create something that infuses the obscenities and doomy trudging blunt force assault of Autopsy, unrelenting drumming blast beat power of Napalm Death, with the guttural slaughtering of Malignancy. There’s definitely some doom death riffs and tones in the title track, “Post Mortal Coital Fixation” alongside some pig squeals and a great rhythm progression that creates the anticipation of horrific atrocities and delivers them throughout as the blood and saliva begin to flow gradually until the sheer weight of the thundering percussion and overall downturned rumbling tone crash down upon you like a 2 ton iron beam dropped from a 5 story height.

The vocals are that brutal and distinctive growl that sounds like the vocalist is possessed, but the thing that stands out the most is the groove. Every single track on here is a rhythm ride of adrenalizing rhythmic hooks and hypnotic grooves that’ll keep you straining your neck banging your cranium. All topics covered here spare no ones morality featuring such topics as fecal suffocation with “Coprophagial Asphyxiation”, “Compulsive Mutilation Disorder” talks about self genital mutilation, “Slurping the Vaginal Pus” speaks for itself, and lots of necrophilia, even including pedophilia with “Stillborn Neurotic Fuck Feast”. If it’s not on here, then it couldn’t be considered genuinely obscene, but Kraanium aren’t as concerned with shock value and bad taste as they are in crafting a battering ram of continual blasts of masterful brutality that easily consume you into there foul world of mental illnesses and sexual deviances so if you’re thinking this is a primarily image oriented band based on the track titles then be prepared for some serious whiplash once you actually hear these guys let ‘er rip.

Kraanium will have you banging your head so hard and fast that if it were recorded in a freeze frame format and played back in detail your head would look like one of those ball and paddle toys.

Fans of Pathology, Autopsy, Malignancy, Condemned, Marrow, and Disgorge will appreciate Kraanium. They are also on tour currently here in the U.S. so check out the Comatose site for dates!!!!


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