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By: Mike Abominator

The city of Portland is going to BURNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! But it’s OK PDX residents and those in the environs coming to the fest, AND even those who are coming from far away to see this deadly festival. It’s a GOOOOOOODDDDD burn! What we have here is quite simply one of the best representations of the sheer ferocity and ripping madness, that often gets overlooked, that happens here on the west coast. The talent assembled that is mostly from the Pacific Northwest/California regions, is unprecedented. But bands from New York, Canada, Illinois, Arizona, Colorado and Pennsylvania are also on board to do the killing.

Friday June 22nd has the grinding tri-fecta of Phobia, Mass Grave and Bloody Phoenix headlining. The long running legends of grind Phobia are sure to rage with the 2 other newer era gods of the grindcore genre, and 2 of the best in the grind business in the great Mass Grave and the mighty Bloody Phoenix. Colorado sickos Roskopp are playing nice and late as you stumble to get those beer goggles on as they play their sewage grind/noise. Plus you get many bands that are being talked about in the underground as the next wave of greatness, like D.I.S., Transient, Sorrower, Night Nurse and many more. This night is sure to be a deadly way to kick this mighty fest off with a bang of blood and terror.

Saturday June 23rd brings some death metal devastation with the ever so mighty Cianide headlining the festivities of puke, booze and putrid death. If you haven’t seen these gods live yet, prepare to meet your death, doom and destruction. My band of lunatics Gravehill are also there to destroy and try and stay in tune and on the stage as we fuck up and try and get through another sloppy set of 1960s death metal. Love isa word that Gravehill DOESN’T like to use very often, but we LOVE Portland TO THE DEATH! PDX has been very, VERY good to us, so we always LOVE playing there(THAT’S ENOUGH LOVE! PUKE! PUKE! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!) There is also the reformation of hometown heroes and olden death heads Dead Conspiracy, the grinding madness of Seattle’s Skarp, the best new era death metal band around, Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest, the sick grinding madness of Blood Freak and other rising creeps from the underground like Coffin Dust and Bone Sickness. PLUS many others bringing the pain, puke and BLOOD!

This fest is going to rule, so hit the facebook page for more info and go to the ticket link to get your pre-sale tickets and make sure you don’t miss this, IT WILL SELL OUT!!!!!! Only $15 per day! $15! FIFTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS!!!!!!?????? A FUCKING BARGAIN WITH THE NUMBER OF KILLER BANDS ON DISPLAY!!!!!!! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!!



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