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HERESIARCH – Hammer of Intrasigence (Dark Descent Rec.)

by Mike Abominator

Nothing mind blowing or genre defining here folks. Just plain old savage death/black metal madness in the style of bands like Conqueror and other bestial black death bands that love the Blasphemy and the Beherit. I do like the production on here. Sometimes this stuff can just jumble up into a big wall of reverb. But you can hear everything that is going on with the guitars, which is always a bonus. And the drums are powerful. Most of the time, these sickos just blast away and rip you to shreds that way. It is fast and ripping, it is relentless in how it pounds with the manic slicing and dicing during those fast banging parts. But when the band slows it down a bit and bring the real heavy shit, it gets pretty insane. This is some scary shit. I have mentioned this statement before: THESE GUYS DON’T FUCK AROUND! This is heavy, ugly, dark and blasting death noise terror that is not for the weak.

This is an EP with an introduction track and five songs. The vocals are also another highlight. There are the usual deep belowing growls found with this style. But there are also some tortured screams and shrieks found here, even some high pitched screams of horror. And on songs like “Carnivore” and “Conflagration”, there are screams of people being punnished in hell. When the band slows it down a bit and gets a little more mid paced, they remind me a bit of the style of Angelcorpse. And even some of the slower, heavier parts bring Bolt Thrower to mind. But I think ANYTHING down tuned, dark and heavy will remind people of “Realms of Chaos”, since that is such a fucking classic album. I especially like the slow part on “Carnivore”. It sounds like you are being dragged through a sewer in hell.

If you are a fan of this type of bestial death, then get this album right now. It is one of the better examples of how to do this death noise. After their crazy demo and now this album, these New Zelanders are set to annihilate the earth with their crushing black/death attack.


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  1. Sandhya
    Posted April 19, 2012 at 6:57 pm | #

    Opera is the most classic play on athtere. I’m very delighted to be able to see the best opera from other countries in Bangkok. I wish to see more of them in the near future.

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