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By: Mike Abominator

Here we have a very young band of lunatics from the south end of Orange County, California. Madrost have actually been around since 2007, and they have been paying their dues with a slew of constant gigs throughout the O.C. and Los Angeles regions. They go for the full length brutality on this release. This should be a notice to some of the bigger labels. This band is unsigned and have developed a rabid following of crazy kids that are hungry for the metal madness that Madrost plays. I’m not a PR guy. I’m also not the bands manager. The reason that I’m covering this band is that THEY KILL! This is some killer thrash metal in the classic style. Right up my blood alley! I would say that Madrost play killer thrash in the classic “Bay Area” tradition. There are a few “modern” elements thrown into the mix, mainly the drumming and drum sound. There are blast beats thrown in the songs here and there, but other than that, these kids came to kick some ass and play some thrash.

Take a song like “Desecrator” for instance. Front man Tanner Poppitt throws in some old school high pitched screams that fit perfectly with the punk/thrash attack on the song. There are so many good riffs on this album, I could talk about them for days. This really is a massacre of killer riff after killer riff. There is a killer death metal influence on some songs as well, like the track “Drawn & Quartered”. The double bass crushes along as Tanner describes a body being ripped apart, on here the band gets a bit more death/thrash. Which is fine, because killer thrash and killer death metal go hand and bloody hand. Tanner is a BEAST on here. His vocals are in your face and pissed, just like they should be. You can feel the conviction behind the performance. Along with that Bay Area thrash influence I talked about, there are also some classic era Slayer moments that I love, like with the song “Necrosis”. It dices and slices at your throat until it finally gets that blood flowing from the wound. The pace is mostly fast and ripping thrash, but the attack can slow down to a mid paced chug with a song like “Under the Hammer”. This one is a mid paced banger that kicks as much ass as the faster stuff. You know a band is good when they can also slow it down and keep your attention!

This is not only a good album by and up and coming young band, this is actually a GREAT metal album that any true fan of metal will enjoy. The potential that this band shows on here is astounding. I’m happy to say that we are in good hands when it’s time for me to pass the torch to the next generation of maniacs! This band isn’t trying to be “retro” or super duper old school. They just get together and jam some deadly thrash metal mayhem that will break down your door, kick your ass, kill you, then go to the next house to do the same! Keep and eye and ear out for this band! And when I call these guys “kids”, this is not an insult. I actually think it is even cooler that younger people are making music this kick ass! It gives me hope, that this new generation aren’t all doomed and socially retarded. MADROST RULES! Hit them up on their page to find out how to get this album.



  1. C.D
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 1:34 am | #

    Just bought it from CD Baby. Hope it’s as good as you say!

  2. B.c. Jackson
    Posted March 31, 2012 at 1:15 am | #

    This is the most brutal it can get! I’ve not once been disappointed with this album! You buy! YOU BUY NOW!!!

  3. Brendan
    Posted March 30, 2012 at 1:22 pm | #

    Buy the album! Do it now! stop reading this! Ebay that shit!

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