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By: Mike Abominator

2 of Sweden’s finest crushing death metal bands of the newer era join deadly forces to kill on this splatter platter. 3 new songs by Mordbrand that SLAY like their other stuff, this is even better though! These new songs are even heavier and ripping than their older stuff. The riffs and pace are fantastic. I dig how they are trying to forge their own path, and not just copying the greats. I love tribute and the old sound, but Mordbrand have their own version of death metal and also throw in a modern style that is all their own. “Idol of the Abattoir”, “The Eternal Feast of Annihilation” and “With Lidless Eyes” all slaughter everything in sight with pure deadly mayhem. The sound is crisp and clear, everything punches you in the face. KILLER! I love this fucking band! Then there are 2 songs by Bombs of Hades. A new original called “Burn” and a killer cover of a Motorhead song “I’ll Be Your Sister”. The new song “Burn” is the same old sound, same old Dod Metal. And it RULES! I also like to hear bands go back and capture the old way and Bombs of Hades does just that with this one. This is a ripping and relentless banger for the most part, but it has some killer pace changes, like the prodding and evil slower passage at the end. Another awesome song by this awesome band! I love Motorhead! They are one of my favorite all time bands. That being said, it is always hard for bands to really pull off a great cover of my favorites. But Bombs of Hades really pull it off with a crushing version of this classic song. It has all of the swagger and that Motorbanger feel to it! It was also on my favorite Motorhead album “Overkill”, so even more points for that guys! KILLER COVER! All in all this is a GREAT fucking split that is ESSENTIAL to any death banger out there. For the collector freaks, this is a limited run of 1000. There are 800 on solid black vinyl. And then 200 on splatter vinyl. So get this fucker NOW! 2 of the finest death noise terrorists of our time, unleashing slicing and dicing death metal madness for us. I LOVE THE SMELL OF REAL DEATH METAL IN THE MORNING!


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