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By: Mike Abominator

This brings back some memories! Necrophile were actually the very first death metal band that I had ever heard come out of Japan. Their name was all over the place in all of the fanzines that were making the rounds back then. I always got an ad for their demos in my packages that would come from all over the world. They were a widely respected name in the underground by the time I actually bought their demos at Wild Rags Records one day. The sound of the 1988 “Terminal Derangement” demo, and even the 1989 “Beyond the Truth” demo might be the worst recorded demos of all time! hahaha. But it is never about the “sound”. Once the ears can adapt to that faint rumbling and raw performance, one can truly hear the great death noise that is coming out of the speakers. Like any young band, they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing, playing or recording wise. But it didn’t matter. I was hooked! Necrophile had a thrashy vibe to their death metal. It could get fast as fuck ripping. It could get heavy as fuck. But there were also weird parts that stood out. Weird time changes that were twisted and morbid. By the time the band recorded the “Dissociated Modernity” 7 inch, the production values VASTLY improved. And those who had doubted the band were shown that the mighty Necrophile was for real. And the music was still fast and heavy death metal, but it had those weird elements to it that still stood out. The band also appeared on the “Weird Tales of Madness” compilation that the German label Black Death Records put out in 1991(that also had the likes of the Finnish gods Funebre, among other long forgotten death metal bands from that era that were on it!) And there was the great split LP with the classic Abhorer from Singapore that Decapitated Records put out that same year. All of the songs that Necrophile put out are on this compilation. Including 2 live songs at the end that were recorded here in Los Angeles! Now Necrophile had ties here to L.A., since the “Dissociated Modernity” 7 inch was put out by the infamous Baphomet Records that was based in L.A. at that time. So the Necrophile guys decided to come out to the U.S. in the summer of 1991 and play some shows. One of the cites they hit was L.A. and the classic “Waters Club” show with Sadistic Intent and other local bands happened. I was at that show and Necrophile KILLED that night and that night was quite special having a band from Japan come out and rage! That was UNHEARD of in the metal underground back then. And this was before the big boom of death metal as well! So it was a big deal to those of us in the deep underground at that time! This CD is not for everyone. But it is an essential part of death metal history to me. I think quite a few of you maniacs would enjoy this CD if you pick it up!


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