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PROFANATICA – Sickened by Holy Host (Hells Headbangers)

by Janet Willis

Nothing brings me as much lascivious joy as a Profanatica release. I have no idea why, but I’m guessing that it’s that petrified cum crusted black death vermin that crawls out from a dismantled, desecrated, and long dead convent stalwarts shriveled vulva that makes most “normal” folks vomit and tremble in disgust that amuses me so. Regardless of what this batch of fuck ups is involved with this time, it’s sure as Hell worth more to wipe your ass with then anything else out there (and by that I DO mean it as a compliment). I’ve had a beer or two and am overworked as well so USBM grime like Ledney and company always fit the bill for me, as I can think of at least several dozen, or two even two specific bastards in particular who I’d like to pose as religious figures and watch them be defecated on and sodomized whilst being serenaded by “Mocked Scourged and Spit Upon” or maybe “Of Holy Sacrament and Semen”.

With Sickened by Holy Host, you get the original horrendous God-loathing vomit from the Grand Masters Session box set and a mini recent ejaculation of devirginizing Mary with corroded and severed infant corpse appendages and golden showers of unholy water. Expect nothing new yet nothing insignificant with this recent abomination to the superficial morality of the worthless human race, it’s just Profanatica, but for those like myself that’s as good as gospel that Sickened by Holy Host is essential.

This is 23 blessed Holy Mother fucking tracks of classic and unheard profanities, including an impressive urethral spill of five new siphyllitic donations alongside another stream of sulfurous urine into the baptismal pool. For example” Medley (Spilling Holy blood/I Arose/Final Hour of Christ/Heavenly Father/Scourging and Crowning)” mentions …’Christ’s cock dying and Mary’s cunt bleeding…’ with tons of spit and mucous spewing in respect to the Holy Trinity. So when it comes to the absolute vulgar desecration and hatred of Christianity, NO ONE bends good ol’ JC over like Profanatica!!!!!! Absolute USBM brilliance and purely offensive and degenerate contents are what make any Profanatica release brilliant, so if you’re new to this band or an old Profanatica filth junkie like myself, this is yet another necessary fix.

Already available and on both CD and 2×12” vinyl format, check out the audio and info here:

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    FUCKING PROFANATICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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