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HATEWAR’S BUNKER Live on the Radio!

By: Mike Abominator

My brother Chris Hatewar has also joined the RAZOR RADIO NETWORK to torture ears and bring nightmares to poser’s ears with some fierce death noise! HATEWAR’S BUNKER is the name of the show he is doing and it will be on tomorrow at 4pm PDT!!!!!! When I think of raw, ugly and dark fucking black metal, old school style, I think of Chris Hatewar. He knows his shit when it comes to this genre, so if you are a black metal fan, THIS show is 666% ESSENTIAL for you. But ANY true metal head will enjoy what Chris will be slaying on air LIVE. Local heathen and good pal of mine Psykho from the great local band Ritual Combat will be joining Chris to talk about his recent trip overseas and what is going on with RC! A MUST LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T BE A WUSS BAG AND MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is the DEBUT show’s March 16, 2013 Playlist:(to give you an indication as to what to expect!)

1. War “I Am Elite”
2. One Tail One Head “One Tail One Head”
3. Demon Sword “Black Heavens”
4. Grand Belial’s Key “On A Mule Rides The Swindler”
5. Kriegsmaschine “Apostle Of Plague”
6. Demoncy “Unclean Spirits”
7. Sargeist “Let The Devil In”
8. Aramaggedon “SS (Satans Soldiers)
9. Obeisance “Snowgoats Of The Apokalypse”
10. Triumphator “Redeemer Of Chaos”
11. Tenebrous “Ars Moriendi”
12. Tsjuder “Raping Christianity”
13. Ritual Combat “Circle Of Nine”
14. Horna “Vapise, Vapahtaja”
15. Judas Iscariot “Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames”
16. Anal Blasphemy “Satan Rapes God”
17. Maledict “Raping Falling Angels”
18. Warloghe “The Hammer Of Lord Satan”
19. Celestial Bloodshed “Deathsquad Alliance”
20. Deathspell Omega “Raping Human Dignity”
21. Archgoat “Goddess Of The Abyss Of Graves”
22. Arsonist Lodge “The Deathking”
23. Sein Und Zeit “Ages”
24. Kill “Deathmessiah”
25. Sumeria “Immortal Kiss”

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