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NECRONOMICON – Rise of the Elder Ones (FULL Album Stream)

Metal Maniacs is pleased to offer an exclusive full album stream of NECRONOMICON’s “Rise of the Elder Ones” on Season of Mist.

Check out the full stream here:

This is fucking intense and wicked technical death metal with subtle black metal influences and a myriad of quality melodies strewn throughout. Sometimes symphonic and elegant, at other times just straight-up head-shredding!

This outstanding underground act has weathered the storm of trends and thus presents a superb album of symphonic metal that smashes poseur acts like Dimmu Borqueer and Cradle of Fags.

Order the album here.


1. Resurrected
2. The End of Times
3. The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II)
4. The Nuclear Chaos
5. From Beyond
6. Rise of the Elder Ones
7. The Valley of the Lost Souls
8. Celestial Being
9. Dark Corners of the Earth
10. The Fallen

One Comment

  1. moccor
    Posted June 4, 2013 at 9:40 am | #

    So you say they were influenced by Dimmu Borgir and CoF, but you call them queers and fags… Horrible write and horrible taste in music.

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